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Are You A Candidate?

We are equipped with all the necessary technology and experience to evaluate your situation and customize your All-on-4 treatment accordingly. Dr. Masihuddin has received direct training from Dr. Paulo Malo, inventor of the All-on-4 method.

We follow a 4-step process that will allow us to examine your individual situation to see if this approach is a match for your current oral health. Using 3D imaging technology, we are able to make in-depth diagnoses and clear plans for your individual course of treatment. Call us to schedule an evaluation!

An Affordable Choice

All-on-4 is reasonably priced for those who want a full arch solution using implants. This system uses tilted implants to eliminate the need for extensive bone grafting, and there are four implant points for the structure. This means you don't have to have each tooth treated separately.

A Quick Solution : Teeth in a day

All-on-4 offers a fairly quick solution for those who need to replace multiple teeth and wish to do so in a short period of time. Since there is no bone grafting, this procedure can be placed on the day of surgery. Find out more about how this is done by contacting us today.

Cosmetic Dentist Woodbury NY

You have a lot of options for changing missing teeth, from state-of-the-art dental implants to cost effective, but effective partial dentures in our Cosmetic Dentist Woodbury NY. Yet if the teeth concerned have actually been missing out on for a while, you may initially need to undertake orthodontic treatment. Here's why. While they might feel stiff as well as firm in the jawbone, teeth are really held in location by periodontal (gum tissue) tendons. These flexible cells lie between the teeth and also the bone and also attach to both with tiny filaments. This device allows the teeth to incrementally conform time in reaction to attacking stress or various other ecological elements. Feeling confident in your appearance is a possession. While you can't transform some functions concerning your appearance, improving your smile is not only feasible, yet also easier than you might imagine in Cosmetic Dentist Woodbury NY. Modern Cosmetic Dentist Woodbury NY in our Merchant squre dental clients with more smile-improving options than ever.

Cosmetic Dentistry Middletown NY

There was a time when so many people were asking for veneers in Cosmetic Dentistry Middletown NY it controlled the industry. The very same can additionally be said of teeth bleaching that makes teeth whiter than white. Nowadays, nevertheless, dentists are pushing for visual dental carethat focuses on achieving a much more all-natural try to find people. Currently, the leading 5 patterns in aesthetic sector consist of: Teeth bleaching will most likely never ever head out of need, however this moment around the majority of people are opting for natural-looking white teeth, not overly-white results that people have actually had in the past couple of years. Besides looking a bit unreasonable, super-white teeth are perceived as having been greatly dealt with, and that might bring about the weakening of enamel in Cosmetic Dentistry Middletown NY. Today patients can ask dental practitioners to lighten just to the factor of looking like healthy, natural teeth in ourCosmetic Dentistry Middletown NY.